Dream Oracle Cards are beautifully rendered, featuring the art of world-renowned fusion artist Rassouli and best-selling author and dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden.

They’re based on the 53 most common dream symbols among modern dreamers and filled with innovative and ageless wisdom. The accompanying 136-page guidebook contains a message, a meaning and a mantra for each card, providing in-depth insight for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

A powerful tool to assist everyone in tapping into their dreaming mind or subconscious these cards will interpret your life and fulfill your wildest dreams. They’re valuable and fun for all, whether you’re in the living room, bedroom,boardroom, or private sanctuary.


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Thank you and may all your wildest and most wonderful dreams all come true!

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<< Kelly's interview - The Dream Oracle Cards with Diane Ray.


More about Dream Oracle Cards... for the Awakening Dreamer

Einstein attributed his theory of relativity to accessing his dreaming mind while awake, and Freud said that dreams are “the royal road to the subconscious.”

As creator of Dream Oracle Cards, Kelly Sullivan Walden, says, “Dreams are love letters from home written in our first language—that of the soul—communicated in pictures, stories, and metaphors.”

The soul speaks to us through our dreams in pictures and metaphors. With vivid dream recall or by remembering a single dream, each of us has the ability to tap into our “dreaming mind” for inspiration and guidance–as the greatest inventors, creators, scientists, artists and mystics have been doing for eons.

“Everyone dreams, and now there is a jewel-like guide that is perfect for any dreamer to enter the portal of dream decoding. Let Rassouli and Kelly Walden escort you into one of the most revealing journeys by teaching you how to interpret your hidden wishes and insights and, above all, how to take action in materializing them.”

~ Michael Beckwith

<< Kelly's Dream Oracle Card Interview with Michael Beckwith.


Contact: Steve Allen Media

Dreams…Still an Unsolved Mystery

A dream expert pulls the covers on what we most need to know about our nocturnal dreams. We all spend one-third of our lives sleeping and during that time we dream…every night. Yet, for most people in the western world, the territory of nighttime dreams is shrouded in mystery. Our dreams remain an “X” file because in our culture they are looked upon as frivolous, nonsensical, random firings of an over-stimulated brain. Because of this erroneous perspective, most people don’t take the time to shine the light on their nighttime escapades that, if understood and brought into the light of day, might completely change their lives. Kelly Sullivan Walden, bestselling author and dream expert, shines a light on dreams in her new Dream Oracle Cards based on the 53 most common dream symbols among modern dreamers, accompanied by a 130 page guidebook. Do you have to remember your nighttime dreams in order to benefit from them?

Absolutely not.

Just because someone doesn’t remember their nighttime dreams doesn’t mean they can’t tap into their ‘dreaming mind’. In fact, Einstein attributed his discovery of the theory of relativity to accessing his ‘dreaming mind’ while awake. And Sigmund Freud said, “Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious.” According to the American Hypnosis Association our subconscious is our dreaming mind and comprises 88% percent of our mind’s power–whereas our conscious mind comprises only 12%.

Kelly will share with your audience how to bridge the gap between the ‘dreaming’ and ‘conscious’ minds, the benefits of doing so, and how dreams can add rocket fuel to your ability to live a more soulful and, ironically, awakened life.

According to the creator of Dream Oracle Cards, Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden, “Dreams are love letters from home written in our first language–the language of the soul. The soul speaks to us in pictures and metaphors, always pointing us toward higher ground.”




1. What are the Dream Oracle Cards?

First of all, an oracle, according to Dictionary.com, is “an utterance…given by a priest or priestess at a shrine as the response of a god to an inquiry.” A Dream Oracle uses dream symbols as a springboard to assist you in accessing your own higher wisdom, creativity, healing, and direction, whether you have a specific question, or desire a dream theme for guidance during your day.

The symbols contained within the Dream Oracle Card Deck explore the 53 most frequently dreamed symbols among modern dreamers. The idea for each card was derived from my experience with dreams and dreamers over the past seventeen years. The written message, and meaning for each card was stimulated from my book I Had the Strangest Dream: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century.

2. What was your inspiration for creating the Dream Oracle Cards?

Over the last seven years since my first dream book (I Had the Strangest Dream) came out, I’ve interacted with thousands of people at conferences and media events, and I’ve come to realize that at least half of them claim they don’t dream…or that they can’t recall dreams. These people typically feel left out of the dream conversation, as if it doesn’t apply to them. These cards are for them. (Don’t worry if you are an active dream-worker…these are for you too!)

When I found out that (according to the American Hypnosis Association) it is believed that our subconscious is our “dreaming” mind and it comprises approximately 88 percent of our mind’s power, as opposed to our conscious “waking” mind, which is only 12 percent of our mind’s power. One way to live a more awake and soulful life is to bridge the gap between the “dreaming” mind and the “conscious” mind … while we are awake.

Dream Oracle Cards can help you do that. Whether you have exquisite dream recall or can barely remember what you had for breakfast this morning, I created these cards to be a tool to deliberately engage, stimulate and inspire avid dreamers, and people who are brand new to the concept of dreamwork to be able to access their dreaming minds (thus the 88% of their mind’s power.)

Additionally, for years I’ve played with oracle card decks. My first favorite deck was Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle Cards. When I bought that deck I heard a little voice say, “One day you’ll create one of these.” Since then I’ve dreamt of creating my own deck!

3. Why is it important to think symbolically and what are the benefits?

It doesn’t matter from what geographical location we hail, what ancestral blood runs through our veins or what the vocal expression is that we call our mother tongue. If we go back to the beginning of time — back to cave paintings — we would see that our first language is comprised of symbols.

According to Carl Jung, when we speak the language of symbol, it harkens us back to our roots, and we are simultaneously speaking the language of the soul. If you think about it, every word in our language is a symbol, from the esoteric (astrology) to the common (a toothbrush). Even our names, our streets signs and town names are a weave of symbols. In fact, we can’t move an inch without bumping into one — we are literally swimming in a sea of symbol and metaphor — and in our dreams we speak this language fluently.

One of the reasons for stuckness, stress, and the consciousness that leads to mental ruts is being too “concrete” in our thinking. When we learn to see the world around us from a symbolic perspective, we can see windows open though doors may be closed. When we develop a basic level of fluency in the arena of symbol we are primed to see “out of the box” solutions, and live a more fulfilling, rich and soulful lives. The core benefit of this work is that you can become the “awake” version of yourself, and, in effect, the co-creator of your “dream” life.

4. How can we become more fluent in the language of symbol?

As you spend a few minutes in the morning writing down your nighttime dreams and decoding them, you will stimulate the part of your mind (your Association Cortex) that processes the data and events of our lives symbolically.

You can also play the game of reading the signs all around you in your waking reality — by noticing what the songs on the radio are telling you, how the billboards that hover over your head are instructing you and how the messages expressed by your co-workers or significant relationships are nudging you.

Another way to become more fluent in the language of symbol is by playing with the Dream Oracle Cards.

5. How do I work/play with the Dream Oracle Cards?

The most common function of the Dream Oracle Cards is to be used daily as a “navigational nudge”, for example:

1. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
2. Shuffle the cards as you contemplate a question, i.e.: “What is important for me to pay attention to right now?”
3. Select a random card that feels right to you. For example, with closed eyes, move your hands an inch over the cards. You will feel either a raise in temperature in your hands, a tingling sensation, or your hand will “accidentally” touch a card. That’s the one for you.
4. Meditate upon the card’s written message as well as its image. Allow it to assist you in accessing your inner answers and guidance.
5. Carry the card with you throughout the day, repeating the mantra, and allowing it to speak to you as you receive its guidance.

6. What is the Message, Meaning, and Mantra that relates to each dream card?

The message of the card is an insight for you that relates to your waking life to help with your earth walk in the light of day.

The meaning suggests what the dream symbol may represent if you dream about it “by night”. You can use this section as a dream dictionary to stimulate your own awareness of what the symbol might mean for you. The mantra is a positive statement that we repeat over and over to condition our mind to align with the resonance of our most awakened life.

The mantra related to each symbol is an affirmative statement to empower you to ground the essence of the symbol into your daily life. Consider that where attention goes, energy flows, and results show. Think of it like this– your ears hear what your mouth says. Your words are the artist’s tools with which you craft your life. A mantra, like an affirmation, can be written down, spoken aloud, or read silently. When a mantra is brief, worded positively, and emotionally charged with vivid images, they become mental magnets that draw to you the people, places, and situations that align with the life of your dreams.

7. Do you have to remember your nighttime dreams in order to benefit from this dream deck?

Absolutely not. Just because someone doesn’t remember their nighttime dreams doesn’t mean they can’t tap into their ‘dreaming mind’. In fact, Einstein attributed his discovery of the theory of relativity to accessing his ‘dreaming mind’ while awake. And Sigmund Freud said, “Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious.” According to the American Hypnosis Association our subconscious is our dreaming mind and comprises 88% percent of our mind’s power–whereas our conscious mind comprises only 12%.

8. Can I look up my dream symbols in The Dream Oracle Guide Book to find out what my dreams may be telling me?

Absolutely! The secondary function of Dream Oracle Cards and the accompanying 130-page guide book is to be used as a modified Dream Dictionary (however if you’d like a more comprehensive version, refer to I Had The Strangest Dream…the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century, as it contains 3,000 dream symbols).

9. How did you connect with Rassouli, the artist for the Dream Oracle Cards?

After I’d written the content for the Dream Oracle Cards I knew I needed to find special art for them in order to express their intent to the fullest. I spoke to several artists whose work I was drawn to…but when I discovered the Fusionart of Rassouli, I literally fell in love! His work inspired me and fit so perfectly with the cards. I looked him up on-line and boldly called him. It turns out he lives only thirty minutes from my house in Los Angeles! We met, and he shared with me that his life has been led and inspired by dreams. I learned that Rassouli is not only a world-class artist, but he is a philosopher, spiritual teacher, and scholar of the Persian poet/mystic, Rumi. He agreed to join me in the collaboration, and we’ve since conducted several workshops together that combine dreamwork and fusionart, in a way that is truly transformational for all who attend (artists and non-artists, dreamers and non-dreamers, alike!)

When you pull a card, in addition to looking in the Guide Book for its message, meaning and mantra, you can meditate on the image on the card. Each image (besides the “Joker” card that features the “Teeth” symbol) can transport you to the sacred realm of heaven on earth.

Each card is a work of art and a work of heart. People marvel at the transformational effect they feel by placing their chosen card on their desk, bathroom mirror, car visor…any place where they are bound to see it to give them a boost and reminder to WAKE UP and LIVE THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS!

10. Are people who bridge the gap between dreams and their waking lives more likely to solve real-world problems?

In a Harvard 25study, published in 2010, researchers determined one of the many functions of dreams (ordinary dreams) is to problem-solve. Remembered dreams, according to Harvard, can help you to become a better navigator of life’s little (or big, as the case may be) obstacle courses.

In this study volunteers practiced moving through a difficult three-dimensional maze in their waking state. Because of the difficulty of the maze, all the participants performed poorly. After working on the maze for a period of time, half the volunteers took a ninety-minute nap, while the other half stayed awake. Upon awakening, the participants who had a chance to sleep were asked to share their dreams. Half of the nappers recalled their dreams while the other half of the nappers reported not recalling any dreams. Those that recalled their dreams were able to complete the maze in half the time as those who did not nap and of those who did not remember their dreams. Yes, there are spiritual and metaphysical reasons to remember our dreams that connect us to a larger perspective. But this study also makes the case the decisions informed by our dreams will brighten and enlighten our ability to masterfully maneuver through waking life as well as tripping the light fantastic on a more esoteric level.

As you work with the Dream Oracle Cards on a regular basis, you not only strengthen the bridge between your conscious and subconscious, the mystical and the mundane, the ocean of your emotion and fertile land of your practical reality…but you incorporate the power of your dreaming mind into your waking reality. Within this practice lies the possibility that you might access 100% of your mind’s power…and in so doing, discover a more soulful way of interpreting your life and fulfilling the life of your dreams!

11. What are some life-changing (as well as million-dollar ideas) that have come to people whe have bridged the gap between dreams and their waking lives?

It could be said that some of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, artists, visionaries, and leaders throughout history achieved their great status because of the wisdom gained in their dreams. For example:

• Our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, attributed the philosophy contained within the Declaration of Independence to their dreams
Albert Einstein ascribed the theory of relativity to a dream he had as a young boy
Thomas Edison credited his discovery of electricity to his dreams
Colonel Harold Dickson made history’s biggest oil discovery (which later became the Kuwait Oil Company) based on guidance illumined in his dream
Elias Howe sourced his invention of the sewing machine to his dreams
Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin in his dream—and won a Nobel Prize
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was inspired by her dream/nightmare
• A dream led Otto Loewi to a Nobel Prize for his contribution to medicine
Mendeleyev beheld the complete periodic table in his dream
Stravinsky, Wagner, and Beethoven heard musical compositions, from fragments to entire canons, in their dreams
Paul McCartney praised his dreams for his multi-platinum song, Yesterday
Jeff Taylor dreamed of his patent for Monster.com
• The movie, Avatar, was dreamed in vivid detail by director, James Cameron
• The Twilight series was dreamed by stay-at-home-mom, Stephenie Meyer

12. What do you find most interesting about sharing the Dream Oracle Cards with people?

What I find most interesting about sharing the Dream Oracle Cards with people is the synchronicities. I love to see the light bulb go on over people’s heads when they connect the dots between the issues they face and the message of the card. These cards seem to really inspire people to connect with their own dreaming mind…and thus their own soul, and storehouse of soulful solutions to the questions they face in their lives.

13. What is your current edge with regards to your exploration and research?

The cutting edge for me is about human evolution—what we are capable of becoming as a species, and the way dreams can serve as a north star to lead us toward our higher potential. At this point, collectively as a species, we don’t get along very well. We fight, have wars, stress out unnecessarily, and mostly, even in the western world, spend an inordinate amount of time suffering…when all the while the dream of enlightenment is possible.

I feel that it’s my mission in life is to inspire my fellow dreamers to WAKE UP, realize what wonderful beings we are capable of being, and pay attention to the wisdom of our dreams. I believe as more and more of us do this, we will be given the transformational insight to access the higher realms of consciousness, increase our telepathy, and harmoniously co-create a world where we can all thrive. Dreams affect us on the level of the noosphere…and as one is lifted it is possible that all be lifted. I’ll sum up this interview with a quote by the late, great dreamer himself, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

“In a real sense all life is interrelated. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the inter-related structure of reality.”

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